Sierra Salin

My glasses are half fool.

Life is pretty real and serious, and, to be taken with many grains of salt and a bunch of laughter. It is an adventure of up’s n downs, which we are all passing through, and how to be alive to the awe and wonder which is all around, always? How to remain open, genuine, curious, and childlike, without being childish? I can relate to all kinds of people, and generally like nearly everyone. Most of our troubles seem to begin with "I am right..... and you are less than....."

Some of us dot our I's and cross our T's, and some of us cross our eyes and drink our teas, and I suspect that we all has a piece of the puzzlement, and would do well to appreciate the differences and to share the world as equals, especially including the 99% of everything outside of our humancentric myopia which cares nothing for or about our rules and laws of exploitation and money.

I am very interested in changing this world, and believe that education is at the top of the list, and that "reeducation" of our not accurate or "true" beliefs is a large part of an artists job. We are ALL artists and equals, beyond titles, degrees, wealth, credibility and belief.

Art can be a gentile rain, a fine glow of yumminess, a bracing slap in the face and all and neither at the same time, and bring up the entirety of human responses. Artists can share perspectives and realities and differing ways of seeing/feeling/experiencing the world. Art changes the world. It can be dangerous to what we think we know.

I have been around the block a few times now. Sometimes leading the cart, sometimes riding it, and sometimes dragging along behind, and I often have different perspectives from many people. I aspire to be honest and genuine in all that I do, and I have a lot of frustration at the ways in which humans interface with each other, and the natural world.

My daily dilemma is a dance between “everything is perfect as it is” and “man things are screwed up,” and I’m always looking for the levers of change. Things seem to be out of our control, and at the same time not, as I believe (and know) that we all have the power to change the world, in an instant even. There is incredible ignorance and hurt all around, mixed with incredible beauty and goodness. Art encompasses all of it.

I have seen and experienced the dances, hurts, and machinations within and around communities and Nations, around the issues of self and other, of the inside group and the outside group, entitled, and not entitled, included and excluded, cared about and not, etc. I personally do not like to see anyone excluded from anything and believe that we are all one community with the same needs, wants and desires, and various nonfunctional ways of interfacing or trying to get what we want, and that underneath and supporting ALL of our humancentric machinations are the Commons Of Nature, which we rapidly consume and destroy at our own peril.....

Underneath it all, is there any wealth or security aside from clean air, pure water, healthy soil and diverse interconnected living environments?

Education and beliefs are interesting topics, which I have been pondering for many years. How to educate or harder perhaps, re-educate each other, and what is the nature of belief, and how/why do we “know” or believe what we do. How can and do we effect positive change?

I do know that there is no arguing with belief, and it is often difficult or impossible to have a conversation around them and we seems to just shoot and minimize and dismiss and or kill what and whoever disagrees with our own righteous and correct beliefs, We are all pretty serious and ridiculous there, especially when we start shooting or dictating to others from our ignorance and fear, ridiculous and scary. It seems to be a lot about communication.....

Life IS art, and it's all an adventure.

Sierra Salin from an insecure and nondisclothed location somewhat near the South East Central North West fringe of realty having tea with my pal Chicken Little Soup

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Orange Sunrise
Orange Sunrise

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Loma Alta Glow

Sun Through Sequoias
Sun Through Sequoias

Orange Sunrise
Orange Sunrise


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