Martha Elizabeth Ture

Mount Tamalpais and its surrounding forests and streams are my territory.  

The lakes, flowers, vistas and wildlife  just knock me out, they're so beautiful.  

They restore my connection the land, and through these photos, I hope you can restore yours too.

Nature needs us, and we need nature, more so every day. 

The lands we want to preserve are being overused, abused, and underfunded, and by their loss we lose too. 

But by their wellbeing, we restore our connection to nature, and what we give our kids and their kids.

Photo Gallery

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Purchasing and Contact Information

Each photo can be printed at different sizes and on different media.

The artist's recommendation for medium is dye-infused metal print.  

For an 8 x 12 print, dye-infused metal, wire for hanging, price is $360.  For 16 x 24, $460. and let her know you want to support the Open Space Fundraiser.